Tar and Chip Annapolis MD

When you are tired of gravel or dirt roads, it could be time to invest in a tar and chip road. Perhaps you are looking for tar and chip contractors near me if so, Annapolis Paving Pros are happy to help. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and have top rated reviews from our previous customers. We provide both tar and chip paving for driveways and roadways. Even if you are dealing with cracked or aging pavement, we can help there too. The best part is, tar and chip cost is far more affordable than traditional asphalt and concrete solutions.  

Tar and Chip Driveway in Annapolis MD  

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Do you need tar and chip driveway contractors near me in Annapolis MD? If so, we can help. Our driveway tar and chip paving solutions are an excellent alternative to asphalt or concrete. We work with gravel and dirt roadways, regardless of the length, to give you a more polished finish that lasts much longer than other solutions. You can rely on our paving crew for long-lasting results as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about tar and chip solutions either.  

We like to describe tar and chip as economical, practical, and attractive. That makes it a great option for residential or private property owners who are looking for something different. Tar and chip are also easy to maintain, and when you choose our paving company we can offer long-lasting maintenance that gives you the results you’re looking for.  

Professional Tar and Chip Contractors  

Tar and chip are different from hot asphalt mixes used for blacktop. It is also far more affordable. Our tar and chip contractors use a high quality mix of tar and chip to create an attractive finish. The process for laying down tar and chip pavements is rather straightforward. First, we spray a significant amount of liquid asphalt onto the surface of your gravel and dirt surface. Next, we lay down a chip mix of rocks to the top of that liquid. The combination makes for an extremely strong mix.  

You may also be unaware that you can choose the type of stone you prefer for your tar and chip mix. This means that you customize your tar and chip roadway or driveway to match your design preferences.  

Receive a Free Tar and Chip Road Estimate  

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If you are thinking that tar and chip contractors are right for your property, then we would love to help. We provide tar and chip services for driveways and roadways throughout the area. When you are ready to get a free tar and chip estimate for your property, you can confidently choose us. We are professional and experienced paving contractors ready to help you maximize your property and save money. Give us a call today to get more information or to schedule time for a free quote.  

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